Posted on 7-Jun-2016 (Tue)

2016 SA1 results

Dear Parents


Please refer here for 2016 SA1 results.


Thank you.

Posted on 17-Aug-2016 (Wed)

Teacher's Day 2016

For Teacher's Day celebrations, the school will have it on 1 September 2016 from 7.35AM - 10AM for all pupils.


For EX-Pupils of HPPS, you may visit teachers at 10.30AM - 12.30PM (1 September 2016). Thank you.

Posted on 29-Aug-2016 (Mon)

Updates on haze conditions for Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016

Based on the 24-hr PSI/PM2.5 forecast, CCA activities, after-school programmes and P3 SwimSafer programme will be carried out as planned on Tuesday, 30 August 2016. The school will continue to monitor the psi levels. Please check the school website regularly for updates.

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